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Case Study: The Sustainable Design Strategy 

As designers we understand our influential role and embrace our responsibility as towards what we specify for every interior we create. We believe that a collaborative approach is the way forward, and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure reliable documentation on their products' sustainability and environmental impact.

Based on the suppliers' data and a life cycle calculation methodology, we have developed a case study The Sustainable Design Strategy. This is a data-driven design approach, where the accommodation concept is created on the basis of calculations of carbon dioxide emissions on every item and material specified.

The case study has enabled us to present the documented difference between each specified item in the accommodation space allowing us to make informed choices throughout from surfaces to furniture pieces. With this knowledge, we can start asking the right questions to the stakeholders, and we can assist shipowners in making conscientious choices for their fleets.


To ensure reliability and transparency, we have calculated and evaluated the actual CO2 emissions of the design concept from cradle to grave together with ReFlow. It has been exciting and eye-opening research, and the case study has made us much better equipped in addressing sustainability backed by data. We will continue to follow this path to ensure our designs are as green as they can be.

Notice the chair by the desk? It is the iconic 'Wishbone' designed by Danish architect Hans J. Wegner in 1949 and in production ever since. It is a classical, hard-wearing chair that never goes out of fashion and can last through all refits, repairs, and be reused again. For us, this is a responsible choice. Wegner designed several furniture and lighting pieces for ships, and the Wishbone chair was first used on DFDS' M/F AKERSHUS in the Veranda Bar in 1966.

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