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Steen Friis Design (SFD) was founded in 1998 and has been part of OSK Group since 2016. For more than twenty years, we have developed ship interiors for some of the world’s leading operators and major shipowners.

We are deeply rooted in the Danish and Scandinavian design tradition, but we are always looking ahead foreseeing the trends in passenger travel and maritime hospitality and tailoring these to every owner’s distinct fleet portfolio.

Our team of international designers understands how to transform your interior design intentions into unique travel experiences, optimised passenger flow and increased revenue.

Taking advantages of being under the same roof with our sister company OSK-ShipTech, we offer to design the entire ship as a holistic service with a unique combination of ship interior design and added services in naval architecture and marine engineering. This way you benefit from the synergy of commercial and aesthetic expertise as well as technical and maritime advisory.

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Our Philosophy

At Steen Friis Design we strive to create enticing ship interiors with least impact on the environment.

Together with our Clients we want to push the limits of the ship interior industry both in terms of creativity and sustainability without compromising on aesthetic, functionality, and quality.

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Sustainable Approach

Conscientious design is at the core of our design philosophy, and we incorporate the environmental considerations in the early design and planning phase. We are constantly identifying and documenting climate-friendly materials, furniture, and fixtures suitable for ship interiors. We are here to help our Clients on their journey towards a greener fleet and create beautiful spaces for passengers to enjoy time and time again. 

Our Services

Conceptual Interior Design

This service helps the Owner define the overall conceptual look and feel of the interior design in accordance with the Owner´s branding and the Passengers´ and Crews´ experiences on board.

Tender & Contract Design

Tender & Contract Design is based on Conceptual Interior Design. This service provides an extended understanding of the Owner´s interior design intent to enable the Yard to look into the preliminary indication of the cost complexity for the overall interior.

Basic Interior Design Intent

This service provides the Yard and Turnkey Contractors with detailed and reliable information for them to continue and prepare shop drawings in accordance with the approved design intent. The Basic Interior Design Intent refers to principle detail drawings and FF&E information like decorative lighting, material and furniture specifications.

Follow-Up & Mock-Up Inspection

SFD reviews the shop and mock-up drawings prepared by the Yard and the turnkey contractors. This ensures that they meet the Basic Interior Design Intent delivered previously. Together with the Owner, SFD will assist in the mock-up inspections.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a tool that helps developing design together with the Owner. Experience design and flow with a true sense of depth and scale. VR can be used on 3 design stages: Stage 1: Flow overview. Stage 2: White clay model for understanding space and proportions. Stage 3: Model with materials and details for final updates.

"We design for owners all over the world, and 'our' ships are sailing almost every ocean. As designers, this makes us very proud." Anders Ørgård, CCO Steen Friis Design