Looking into zero emission transport

Will the world's first retrofitted hydrogen ferry sail the Danish Limfjord? If feasible, zero emission transport could be a reality in the future!

Ten project partners of operators, Danish municipalities, technical suppliers and designers including OSK-ShipTech have joined forces in a pilot project investigating whether two existing domestic ferries can be retrofitted for hydrogen propulsion.

At the moment, there's not a single ferry world wide using hydrogen as propulsion, but hydrogen is making it's entry in the transport industry in general.
With a declared goal of Denmark being carbon-neutral in 2050 and ferries having a 30+ years life expectancy, it is essential to keep in mind that changes made in ferry transportation and ferry design today have to work in 2050 also.

"With this project, we are looking at a series of standardised ferry designs and an invaluable pool of technical knowhow, which can be applied to several services both domestically and internationally," says Ulrik Tander from OSK-ShipTech A/S, who is in charge of implementing the gas rules on the ferries. 

'På brint over fjorden' is funded by Den Danske Maritime Fond.

Project partners: Morsø Kommune, Thisted Kommune, Sleipner Fur ferry, Ballard Power Systems, Danske Maritime, Everfuel, Green Hub Denmark, Dansk Energirådgivning A/S and OSK-ShipTech A/S.

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