OSK-ShipTech is back in Eastern Africa


Danish naval architects OSK-ShipTech consolidates its position in Eastern Africa

After a few years off the African continent, consulting naval architects OSK-ShipTech is back in Eastern Africa. This time to support the Tanzanian government with Owner's Assistance on the construction of their new passenger ferry for Lake Victoria. 

OSK-ShipTech has signed a contract with government-owned Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) for Owner’s Assistance and local assembly supervision of their new passenger ferry on site in Mwanza. MSCL, who operates both ferries, cargo ships, and tankers on three of Africa’s Great Lakes, has turned to Danish OSK-ShipTech for building supervision of their new ferry, which has been prefabricated in Korea and shipped to Tanzania for final assembly. 

For OSK, it is one of those projects, where you can pull on the company’s varied and extensive expertise: “We are really excited about this project and the cooperation with MSCL. For us it represents the unique opportunity to bridge our technical expertise with our cultural experiences built on many years of collaborations in both Asia and Africa,” says Anders Ørgård, CCO of OSK-ShipTech.  

The new ferry is part of a general strong development of infrastructure in Eastern Africa. And within foreseeable future, another two African ferry projects could become a reality. Anders Ørgård continues:

“We are very pleased to be back in Africa, which is a place we hold dear. Historically, we’ve been involved in several infrastructure projects across the continent. And both during our work within the international ferry operators Interferry and with local governments, we are contributing to the enhanced safety levels and improved safety culture in the region.”

The new ferry for Lake Victoria is planned for completion around early summer 2022.

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