PRESS RELEASE: New Design Director for Steen Friis Design

Danish ship interior design studio Steen Friis Design appoints Bente Medelbye Hansen as new Design Director

With a constantly changing market for ship interior design and new trends in passenger travel and on-board hospitality, OSK Group is changing the management in Steen Friis Design to continue to best serve our clients within our segments of passenger ships.

OSK Group is happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Bente Medelbye Hansen, who is the new Design Director and Head of Interior & Accommodation in Steen Friis Design. Bente comes from a position as Design Director and Department Manager in Tillberg Design of Sweden. Per 1 December 2020, Bente has taken over the daily management of the design team and interior projects in SFD.

“We are happy to welcome Bente aboard Steen Friis Design. Over the years, she has built up extensive experience in project management as well as a distinct creative profile and signature line. She will bring aboard fresh insights, and we are looking forward to bringing these into play in our future ferry projects in close cooperation with our clients – existing as well as new,” says Anders Ørgård, CCO of Steen Friis Design and OSK Group.

Bente Medelbye Hansen replaces Interior Architect Camilla Caroline Horn, who is widely known in this industry, and who has been managing SFD’s interior design activities since the integration of Steen Friis Design into OSK Group in 2016. Since this integration, Steen Friis Design has undergone a significant transformation resulting in several award-winning designs, and this transformation would not have been possible without Camilla.

Anders Ørgård continues: “It is only fair to say that Camilla has been a central figure within ship design for the past two decades. Over the years, she has built up exceptional insights and experience with ship interiors – first on behalf of OSK-ShipTech, later as Head of Interior & Accommodation in Steen Friis Design. On behalf of entire OSK Group and Steen Friis Design in particular, I thank Camilla for her year-long service and dedication – I am certain that Camilla will continue to leave her distinct mark on future ship interiors.”

For Steen Friis Design and OSK Group as well, this is new and exciting times. Aside from completely disrupting both the cruise industry and passenger transportation in general, the corona pandemic is forcing all players in this industry to rethink how things are done in the future. In OSK Group, we are really excited to start this new chapter in the history of Steen Friis Design and together with our clients set new the standards in ship interiors and ferry travel trends and continue to build the brand Steen Friis Design. 

For further information about Steen Friis Design and ship interior solutions, please contact Anders Ørgård, CCO of OSK Group. Phone: +45 40 94 13 91 or mail: anh@sfdesign.dk

About Steen Friis Design A/S
Danish design studio Steen Friis Design A/S is part of OSK Group together with sister companies OSK-ShipTech A/S and OSK-Offshore A/S. Together, the group has more than fifty years’ experience and in-depth know-how within maritime consulting, vessel design, and on-board experience economy.
SFD was founded in 1998 and specialise in ship interiors, trends in passenger travel, and maritime hospitality. Our international team of designers are behind a series of award-winning designs for some of the major ship owners globally. Being under the same roof as OSK-ShipTech, our clients benefit from great synergy, as our pooled competences in both interior design and marine engineering span both design aesthetics and technical compliance.

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