Steen Friis Design welcomes new architect Jeppe Bennett Krabbe

Allow us to introduce our new architect Jeppe Bennett Krabbe, who is now part of Steen Friis Design and ready to draw up the ship interiors of tomorrow.

Jeppe holds a Master of Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, and he has worked on several interior and technical projects for hotels, hospitals, schools and more in both Denmark and Sweden. Jeppe has a background in carpentry and is building his own furniture in his spare time.
We are looking forward to draw on Jeppe's expertise and his passion for buildability, coherence with existing context during conversions as well as sustainability in design.

Read more about Steen Friis Design's interior projects at Steen Friis Design

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“When we talk about fuel strategy, nobody knows the winner in this race. Hence, our first priority is to keep our designs flexible and adaptable to future energy sources” Anders Ørgård, CCO – OSK Group
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