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3D Scan

Small investment, high impact

Accuracy is key

OSK-Offshore offers 3D laser scanning services as a highly effective tool to minimise risk and maximise precision ahead of your operation. 

Our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanner offers brand new opportunities in risk mitigation ahead of mobilisation and turbine transportation, e.g. as a basis for assessment of obstacles.

  • IR phase-shift techn. by Point Cloud (single point measurement, 976.000 times per second)
  • Calculation of distance and coordinates by hyper modulation and special encoders
  • GPS for exact time and location
  • 130 m range, 2.5 mm accuracy
  • Classified Laser Class 1 acc. IEC 60825-1:2007


Added value

OSK-Offshore's 3D scanning service offers a series of valuable and profitable benefits to the client:

  • Fast and accurate measuring
  • Precise definition of boundaries and obstacles
  • Verification of available space
  • Fast and effective detailed information
  • Correct reference for clash checks during design process
  • Detection of misalignment
  • Easy integration with CAD programmes for further design and calculations
  • Enhanced agility and flexibility in designs and layout
  • Reduce costs


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