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Project Management

With you all the way

OSK-Offshore A/S is working for the biggest global marine and offshore wind companies. Trusted by the Owners and trusted in the industry, we have accumulated significant knowledge of international business and the high-risk business and working conditions surrounding offshore wind installations in challenging conditions.

This is a key driving force in our effective performance and project and risk management.

OSK-Offshore's project management is a full-service package tailored to your needs; comprising of e.g. process control and communication to clients, yards and contractors, commissioning assistance and supervision, classification societies as well as in-depth knowledge of international codes and conventions.

On your side managing your project 

Project Planning

Get off to the right start with solid project planning - OSK-Offshore offers independent expert advice in each project phase, conceptual feasibility studies, assistance with tenders, award procedures and contract negotiations as well as in-depth examination of the licensing prerequisites in the approval phase.

Project Assessment

OSK-Offshore has extensive experience in the discipline of project assessment and offers detailed evaluations and reviews across a broad range of project components:

  • Compilation of application documents and coordination with authorities
  • Review of development approaches and simulation procedures
  • Evaluation and design of personnel safety concepts
  • Evaluation of supplier proposals
  • Review of turbine and foundation concepts, and
  • Vessel requirements, e.g. installation, transport, coaster, barge, tugs etc.

Project Execution

OSK-Offshore aims to be your expert partner throughout the various stages of the high-risk project execution phase. We stand by you through planning and execution of inspection work during manufacturing and constructions as well as logistics planning and requirements for major offshore wind components.

OSK-Offshore is a full-service provider of a wide range of interdisciplinary engineering solutions that can be tailored to your specific project needs:

  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Installation engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Mobilisation engineering
  • Outfitting engineering
  • Naval architecture
  • Marine systems integration
  • Simulations and animations
  • Seakeeping analysis & workability studies
  • Conversions and upgrades