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A cardinal discipline for safe transportation of project cargo for wind turbines at sea. OSK-Offshore are specialists within seafastening design and have been involved in numerous seafastening projects. Our seafastening service comprises designs and calculations on local reinforcements, cradles and grillages for transportation of any project-related component type, e.g. wind turbine nacelles, blades, towers, monopiles, transition pieces, jackets, cranes, pile driving hammers, topsides, A-frames, ROVs etc.

By use of FEM (Finite Element Model) analysis, we can determine the stresses and deformations in the support structures, and we apply our expertise in the development and refining of the seafastening design hence keeping the use of steel to a minimum benefitting the client.

Our engineers provide expert consultancy on a range of seafastening disciplines and areas. 

Blade rack

  • Easy access and fast unbolting
  • Wingdip calculation and minimum uplift during transport
  • Lightweight structure
  • Safe working environment

Monopile transportation

  • Ligthweight structure
  • Selection of optimum vessel
  • 3D scanning for obstacles
  • Easy mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Safe working environment

Transportation of turbine parts

  • Early involvement with customer
  • Precise definition of boundaries and obstacles
  • Optimisation of vessel's payload
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Minimising crane idle time