OSK-Offshore & OSK-ShipTech collaborations

Synergy in action

When one plus one is more than two

Pooling expertise for maximum value

Innovative collaborations 
OSK-Offshore shares offices with sister company OSK-ShipTech at OSK Group. Our customers benefit from the natural synergy spanning the highly complex competences of the two companies. 

Together, we pool our creativity and expertise resulting in top-end knowledge and deep insight in complex offshore operations deeply rootet in a long tradition within naval architecture in general. We offer customised and flexible solutions for operations with complex challenges in harsh environments.  


Turbine service vessel for DBB Jack-up Services A/S. Self-elevating ship shaped unit with 4 round jacking legs operated by rack and pinion system. Service and installation crane of 500 tons SWL, 45m jacking depth and dynamic positioning.

OSK services:
Concept development
Basic design
Shipyards tender evaluation
Project management and supervision services


Self-propelled crane vessels with four jack-up legs. Originally general cargo and container ships, but converted to semi jack-up cranes for transport and positioning of windmills at sea.

OSK services:
Intact and damage stability
Life safety and fire-fighting arrangements
Foundations for windmill sections, winches, heavy lift crane and support
Stowing plans
Construction of side pontoons
Model tank tests
Anti-heeling pump system
Jack-up arrangement and construction


Crew vessel for transfer of service personnel to offshore wind turbine installations. The design is tailored to access monopile foundations in 1.8m wave height and high comfort during the transfer voyage.

OSK services:
Basic design, lines plan and GA
All drawings for class and DMA approval


24 pax transfer vessel for service personnel from base port to installation sites or hotel platforms. Special design and special-developed bow fender allows transfer of personnel to monopile foundations in 2m wave height.

OSK services:
Conceptual design and GA
Hull form and speed prediction
Model test programme incl. approach to boat landing

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