Optimised monopile fastening system

Adjustable Cradle Concept

How can we maximise flexibility and versatility and at the same time minimise cost and single-use structures in connection with seafastening?

This was the venture point for the engineers of OSK, when they initiated the design of the adjustable monopile cradle. 

In a call for innovative seafastening solutions, OSK-Offshore has developed a new flexible monopile fastening system that can accommodate monopiles with different diameters as opposed to traditional vessel-specific single-use designs with rigid support elements that are tailored to a specific type or size of monopile.

The result is the Adjustable Cradle Concept for which our patent application is now published. Easily, and either mechanically or via hydraulic, the adjustable cradle is scalable to different shapes and sizes of monopiles, which offers new possibilities in offshore mobilisation and installation projects. Easily adjustable to different monopile types, the Adjustable Crade is a reusable, flexible, and cost-efficient system for the operator.

Additionally, the Adjustable Cradle is modular, which allows it to be reconfigured from assignment to assignment and vessel to vessel if necessary. 

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