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Is your vessel as fuel efficient as it can be?

OSK-ShipTech A/S helps clients optimise the hydrodynamic performance of any vessel based on fifty years' experience in naval architecture combined with cutting-edge technology and maritime computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our codes are validated both in-house and by vendors, resulting in accurate tuning of the codes. Precise tuning of codes provides higher accuracy in less time, and our validation database is extended continuously.

Results have shown excellent correlation between CFD predictions and measured full-scale performance, and clients have experienced short return of investments. With CFD and hull optimisations, fuel savings are easily obtained.

CFD Services

Accurate Performance Predictions & Design Stage Optimisations

We provide clients with the full overview of a vessel's resistance and propulsive efficiency in the early design phase to secure final vessel efficiency. Our full-scale virtual towing tank tests provide clients with accurate predictions of resistance, propulsive performance as well as trim and heave resulting in fast turnaround time in the design phase.

Hull Optimisations & Retrofits

We help clients achieve maximum vessel and fuel efficiency by changing the hull form either in the early design phase or as retrofits - for example with fuel saving devices. We assist clients with tailored design solutions offering attractive return of investment and wuick deliveries of retrofit designs, including hydrodynamics and steel design.

EEDI Compliance

We evaluate a wide range of design options for a given set of operational requirements on behalf of the client. Based on implementation of the latest and on-going international interpretations of the regulations, we perform CFD modelling and hull optimisations with respect to both fuel consumption and attained EEDI.

Various Simulations

We provide clients with the full picture of correlation between vessel, design and environment through a wide range of simulations, e.g. propeller simulations, manoeuvring simulation and simulations of catamarans as well as wind, wave and current forces securing the success of your project.

Want to hear more about how we can optimise the hydrodynamic performance of your vessel and potentially obtain fuel savings and short return of investments?

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