Polar Code

Ready for the Polar Code?

The Polar Code is a statutory regulation and a supplement to SOLAS and MARPOL. It is addressing the operational risks specific for the Polar regions, and all SOLAS vessels operating in the Polar regions must comply with the Polar Code. 

OSK-ShipTech A/S helps clients navigate the regulations and new requirements for Arctic and Antarctic operations and provides consultancy services on design, risk assessment and compliance for both newbuildings and conversions. We have developed a polar risk assessment framework helping Owners and Operators tackle the risks of polar operations - from practical implications to operational risks and regulatory compliance.

Polar Code Services

Implementation of the Polar Code

We design new ships in compliance with the Polar Code as well as national amendments and other codes regulating navigation in cold environments.

Operational Assessment

We evaluate existing vessels' suitability to operate under the Polar Code and recommend achievable performance improvements.

Polar Water Operational Manual

We provide the mandatory Polar Water Operational Manual - the manual being tailored to the specific vessel and the crew's familiar routines.

Various Assessments for Owner and Operator

We provide detailed assessments of existing ice strengthening, stability and winterisation features.