Project & Risk Management

How about an extra fifty years' experience on your side?

OSK-ShipTech A/S has worked for the biggest global marine and offshore wind companies for half a century. Trusted by the Owners and trusted in the industry, we have accumulated significant knowledge of international business and corporate culture. This is a key driving force in our effective performance and project and risk management.

On your side managing your project and your risks

Uniting Ideas and Requests

We help our clients convert their ideas and requests to feasible projects based on compliance between technical possibilities and economic expectations. As technical consultants, we assist with condensing all the technical discussions into a detailed project specification serving as the basis of your project.

Assisting Our Clients all the Way

We provide turnkey project management solutions through every project phase - from preparation, feasibility studies, tender documentation, contract negotiation, class and flag state contract, through design, plan approval, building, supervison and site management to taking over, delivery and in-service follow-up.

Tendering and Contract Management

We assist clients through every critical stage of the tendering process and following contract negotiation and signing. We help clients choose the right suppliers based on received tenders, ensuring optimal workmanship and quality materials within specified budget and timeframe and statutory and legislative regulations.

Risk Management

We help clients manage and navigate the risks in all aspects of their marine operations - from legislation to environmental risks. Through expert consultancy we offer risk management services in such areas as polar operation, alternative ship design and hybrid propulsion technologies, code compliance and the overall challenges of future ship designs.