Keeping your asset in operation

Safe Return to Sea®

The difference is the business perspective

We help you keep your asset in operation.
Our engineers have developed a new concept for keeping your assets operational: Safe Return to Sea®.

Based on extensive experience in ship design, deep involvement in strategic tonnage strategy, and significant knowledge of shipowners' requirements and expectations, we have switched the perspective and taken on Safe Return to Port from a business operational perspective.


Safe Return to Sea®

Small investment. Big impact

  • Views Safe Return to Port from a business operational perspective
  • Identifies the investment required as an add-on to SRTP to ensure vessel's continuous operation
  • Pinpoints critical components/systems that ensure continued operation despite component breakdown
  • Ensures continuous operation on passenger ships designed for SRTP
  • Takes a risk-based approach to identifying components and systems 
Safe Return to Port

Operational limitations

  • Safety concept developed by IMO in 2010
  • Sole focus on safety and no consideration for planned maintenance
  • All equipment shall be functional in order to continue operation
  • Ship must stay in port if vessel doesn't fulfill SRTP regulations due to longer repair times
  • Vulnerability to approval times - unplanned maintenance or breakdowns rely on short-term approvals
  • Inoperable vessels naturally equal loss of revenue