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Personalised Ship Interiors

Steen Friis Design is an international team of interior designers and architects from different cultures and experiences who all share the same passion - great design!

Since 1998, Steen Friis Design has created many beautiful spaces that are both uniquely designed and intriguing, yet suitable for wear and tear, adaptable to changing trends, and memorable guest experiences onboard ships all over the world. 

About Us

For more than 20 years we have specialised in ship interiors. Aside from creating bespoke designs for each owner, our team of designers do constant research on new trends, materials, travel experiences, and guest offerings at sea.

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Our Projects

We design for ship owners all over the world, and ‘our’ ships are sailing almost every ocean. We develop our award-winning concepts and interiors by constantly thinking outside the box in close cooperation with our customers.

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Sustainable Approach

We believe that good design is respectful design, and we want to push the boundaries of the ship interior industry. Together with our clients we strive to create enticing ship interiors with the least impact on the environment.

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Interested in widening your design horizon? A career in ship interior design could be your next creative adventure.

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Designing for the Sea

Ship interior design is for those who want to challenge themselves creatively and professionally. It is all about passenger comfort and creating beautiful, intriguing, and durable spaces that are adaptable to fast-changing trends - and compliant when it comes to safety regulations and minimising environmental impact.

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The Future is Here!

We use virtual reality as global collaboration tool to invite our customers onboard the vessel in the early design phase and before the building process has begun. See how VR could work for your interior project.

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