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Step inside
your design

Life-like simulations of the layout


Step aboard the design before the building process begins! With VR, you get a view of the finished look and flow with a true sense of depth and scale. VR offers new possibilities when it comes to visualisation of concepts and allows the designer and shipowner to engage in deeper design discussions at a much earlier stage.

Let your users test the design


Get your entire organisation aboard the exciting journey of designing a new ship. Make sure you get vital input from those who will be using or operating your ship on a day-to-day basis.
Let them test galley functions, space between tables, layout of shops and entertainment and much more

Keep social distancing


We use virtual reality to continue the global collaboration with our clients. VR allows us to meet inside the design and discuss the layout and flow. This way, we can keep the design process moving forward in a steady pace - despite travel and meeting restrictions. With VR, we continue to 'meet' - risk free.

The journey starts with the concept

You dream it, we design it

Our finest job as designers is to realise the dream design of your new ship or conversion. We help transform your ideas and create the interior concept for your ship. When we're deeper into the design process, virtual reality can be an efficient way to 'inspect' the design and test how the design works. Ready to start the journey? Reach out, if you want to hear how VR can work for your project too.

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Step aboard the ship - from anywhere in the world

Our VR tool offers blended virtual reality and gamification. This allows several participants to be in the virtual environment at the same time. With VR, you can walk around the virtual ship together with the designer and discuss the various features - before construction has begun. Inside the simulated 360-degree views, you get a life-like feel of the interiors - the surfaces, designs and spaces.

You can also test the layout and how passengers flow through shops, entertainment, halls and stairways and much more. With corona restrictions limiting travels and meetings, VR is a global collaboration tool that allows designer
and shipowner to meet inside the design and keep the design process moving forward. 


Let's talk about how VR can work for your project

Do you want to know more about how virtual reality could work for your project? Is there a specific area on your ship you want to test, before the ship is built? Do you need specific feedback from targeted users on certain areas? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for an informal discussion on how VR could be useful in your project.

Our Design Director as well as our Chief Commercial Officer stand ready to tell you more about virtual reality in ship design. 

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Test specific areas on board

Virtual reality provides an interactive collaboration form and can be used to get vital input from the people who will be operating the ship on a day to day basis. For example, your restaurant personnel can test space between tables for efficient serving, test galley functions as well as flow between galley and service area. Through the life-like and detailed simulations, your stakeholders can get immersed in the proposed design and give you and us as designers valuable feedback for the continued design process. 

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With you all the way